We’ve recently decided to publish our helpdesk satisfaction ratio. In an industry where support is usually neglected, we believe this was the right decision for our customers. At Nexmo, we think being transparent will push our organisation to perform better and continously improve to provide the best service possible.



Thanks to Zendesk, we are able to track satisfaction ratios. Their app provides a statistically valid result based on a large enough sample of ratings. We are also able to collect more feedback from our clients. See below some selected samples:

“Excellent service! I am very happy and it’s gives me confidence as I look to expand my business with Nexmo! Keep it up!! Thanks!”

“I was very happy with the help I received from Alberto, he was very helpful and solved my issues very quickly”

“It is fast and helping one!”

“Very quick response, very fast action and very clear details regarding with whom the actions lay. On a separate note, an excellent product offering in comparison to competitors  The only product that allowed me to send a text from an Irish mobile via your service to my test app in the cloud and for the sender to received a response. Excellent value for the Swedish number at 50 per month and at 1.3 cent per text is very good value. I will be aiming to continue using this service for further project work”

“The fastest support i have ever been a witness to. Thank you.”

“Very thorough in investigating issues.”

“It is exceptional. I never even bothered to check to see where you’re located, but what I do know is that the customer service and the messaging service are the best. I don’t even want to deal with other providers. Thanks Team Nexmo”

“Really nice getting helpful information and in such a timely fashion. Much appreciated!”