Why is Ireland’s price per SMS rising by 66%?

Its simple—because Vodafone says so. When Nexmo attempts to deliver an SMS to a Vodafone handset, we have to first reach Vodafone’s network. They then do the ‘last mile’ and deliver to the handset wherever it might be.

Vodafone has a couple of entry points into their network. Firstly, you can reach the network via the Global Signaling network. This network connects operators and allows their networks to talk to each other (when people go roaming for example) and they exchange SMS between them through this network. Typically operators don’t charge each other within this network for SMS as the balance of traffic between two networks is likely to be balanced (SMS is conversational after all).

The second entry point is their dedicated Application-to-Person (A2P) portal. Here they do charge a price for SMS delivery as until now at least most A2P messages are one way, usually out to the subscriber from an enterprise.

Now to the matter at hand. Until now, Vodafone has allowed A2P messages through both entry points. Hence Nexmo only pays for access to the signaling network – Vodafone doesn’t actually receive any revenue here. Now, they have decided that all A2P traffic should be sent through their A2P gateway, hence we do need to pay Vodafone a termination fee, which is higher than previously was paid through the signaling network.

You may ask if Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic can still be sent through the signaling network. The answer is yes, but, Vodafone defines P2P as SMS exchanged between two regular subscribers. P2P traffic between an enterprise and one of their customers is still considered A2P. Apps running over-the-top services (similar to WhatsApp or Skype-out) would still be considered as an A2P customer unless they become mobile operators.

Is there a way around this? Probably. Backdoors into networks do exist, but with these you can never be certain of quality and uptime.

For this reason Nexmo is offering the right connection to ensure our clients are able to continue to successfully deliver messages to Vodafone subscribers. O2 Ireland has been enforcing this segregation for some time now. In practice, the price to send messages to Vodafone Ireland has increased by 165%. But in order to keep it simple, Nexmo offers a flat price across all networks, hence why our price increase is limited to 66%.

More change is on the way as more and more operators decide to separate A2P and P2P into separate entry points. Vodafone Australia is also planning to do the same. Check back to our blog for more updates.

register your sender ID for Russia and Qatar

Nexmo can now register your alpha senderID for use into both Russia and Qatar!

Nexmo is using a new direct connection into Russia which is overwriting all senders with “SMS” to ensure delivery. We are now able to whitelist a number of alpha senders for use throughout Russia so if you are interested in sending to Russia, please ensure you have registered your alpha sender here!

Nexmo’s direct route into Qatar is subject to the operators regulations, which are increasingly strict about filtering on various senderIDs. Senders which are not whitelisted are modified to “NXSMS” to ensure delivery.  Nexmo can also register other alpha senders for transactional traffic towards Qtel (42701) so if you are interested in sending to Qatar, please see here for more information for registering your senderID for use throughout Qatar!

Nexmo is now using a Direct Route into Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of most rapidly evolving SMS markets in the world. Although cheap ss7 routes are available, these are all extremely unstable and unreliable, resulting in low delivery rates throughout Zimbabwe. The operators are starting to filter heavily on all incoming messages, often blocking them completely. Consequently a direct route has become necessary in order to ensure messages are successfully delivered.

Nexmo is therefore happy to announce that we are now using a direct route to all networks in Zimbabwe!

For more information on features and pricing, please visit our forums, and be sure to log in and subscribe to updates on direct and other routes.

Puerto Rico Voice and SMS enabled numbers now available

Nexmo is constantly working to improve its global reach in it’s quest to provide customers with the widest international inbound number reach and LATAM has become a significant region in which Nexmo offers voice and SMS API services.

As of 5th of February 2014 , Nexmo introduced Voice and SMS enabled Numbers for Puerto Rico and these are now available for purchase. The numbers can be used as a Long Virtual Number for sending and receiving SMS. They can also be used as voice DID numbers for applications such as contact centres, switchboard numbers, conferencing and personal virtual numbers.

Numbers are immediately available to purchase for Nexmo’s customers via the API and our unique dashboard

Register your senderID for use into the UAE

Operators in the United Arab Emirates have been filtering heavily on incoming traffic and blocking even some legitimate traffic. To ensure delivery, senderID is automatically overwritten with a local shortcode or a fixed alpha (i.e Message)

Nexmo is pleased to announce that we now have a new direct connection into the UAE which allows us to whitelist a number of alpha senderIDs for our customers! We are therefore able to help you pre-register your own personalised senderID. This means that you can ensure the use of your own senderID when sending your transactional traffic into the UAE.

Please note that we cannot register any marketing traffic, and the usual restriction apply when sending to the UAE.

Please see here for details on how to register for the UAE

We are now using a Direct Route into New Zealand!

New Zealand is a well established and significant mobile messaging market. The operators are very effective at filtering messages over cheap signalling routes and this can often result in transactional messages being blocked. Therefore direct routes are increasingly necessary in order to ensure messages are successfully delivered.

Nexmo is therefore pleased to announce that we are now using a direct route to all networks in New Zealand!

This direct route enables your messages to be sent to all networks throughout New Zealand without them being filtered.

For more information on features and pricing, please visit our forums, and be sure to log in and subscribe to updates on direct and other routes.

Register your traffic to send into Pakistan

Due to recent developments, we have had to limit our route into Pakistan to registered senders only. This is due to marketing messages creating heavy filtering and stopping legitimate messages from being delivered. However we are now happy to be able to help get your traffic whitelisted for delivery into Pakistan!
This means that all your traffic can be delivered successfully throughout Pakistan. Please remember that this route is strictly for transactional traffic only, any marketing or spam content will not be approved.
Please see here for details on how to register for Pakistan.

Register for upgraded route to Sri Lanka

Nexmo now has access to a new transactional-only  route into Sri Lanka. Although we already have a high-quality route into Sri Lanka there are occasionally filtering or timing issues due to marketing content being sent. By registering your senderID on our upgraded route, we can ensure that your traffic into Sri Lanka is delivered as rapidly and as efficiently as possible!

for more information and to register your traffic, please see here

Register for 24/7 direct delivery into Ukraine

Operators in Ukraine are filtering heavily on incoming traffic and even Nexmo’s direct route is subject to local regulation limiting the quality of delivery between 8pm and 9am (local time). However Nexmo has now been given the opportunity to register our transactional traffic for 24h delivery. This means that we are able to get your specific senderID approved by the operators to bypass all filtering and you can get your messages delivered to Ukraine at any time of day!

Please see here for details on how to register for unlimited delivery into Ukraine

Please note that this is for transactional traffic only. i.e. notifications, passcode verifications or alerts.

Changes to our terms

On Oct 28th 2013, we have updated our Terms Of Use and added our Acceptable Use Policy. We recommend you to read the new terms in details and let us know if you have questions by contacting our legal team at The new Acceptable Use Policy includes the change regarding the regulations in the USA of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.







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